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The world has gone mobile. Today, mobile devices are used more often than any other type of electronics. People communicate, access the Internet, and make business transactions all from their smartphone or tablet. Businesses, schools, emergency personnel, and consumers all depend greatly on wireless connectivity. But what happens when there’s interference with these wireless signals?

That’s why more and more corporations, organizations, schools, entertainment venues, transportation hubs, and healthcare facilities are installing distributed antenna systems (DAS) in their buildings and parking garages where the building materials used in the facility can often cause interference. These large buildings and venues also suffer from poor wireless broadband strength as hundreds or thousands of mobile device users flood the network at the same time.


A DAS network uses a series of repeater antennas distributed throughout a building or area to help boost the area’s wireless network signal so that there are no “dead zones” in that area, providing uninterrupted wireless coverage. The distributed antenna system transmits RF signals over fiber optic cables from a single base station to the multiple antennas situated throughout the building. The DAS network amplifies the area’s mobile broadband signal, thus improving the reliability and capacity of the wireless network.

Not only does this improved wireless connectivity allow businesses to offer a higher level of service to their customers with strong, reliable wireless service and cellular coverage in their building, but it gives emergency responders a more dependable means of communicating in a crisis.


At Trace Technologies, we can provide complete DAS infrastructure design, engineering, and commissioning for companies and organizations across the nation. Whether for an office building, campus, parking garage, large venue, medical center, or shopping mall, we can deliver the high-quality, affordable DAS networks your business needs to thrive in the competitive market.