Multi-Dwelling Units

High-speed wireless connectivity is now a necessity for homeowners. Thus, we provide the turnkey network cabling solutions residential properties, homeowner’s associations, and multi-dwelling units (MDU) require. Whether for a new construction, remodel, or full upgrade, we deliver the Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) solutions needed for voice, data, video, and security applications.


At Trace, we provide high-quality, reliable network cabling infrastructure solutions for a wide range of companies in the hospitality industry including hotels, resorts, restaurants, and entertainment venues across the nation. The customer demand for constant wireless connectivity continues to increase. This necessitates that hospitality businesses have a strong and scalable fiber optic cabling network infrastructure to meet these high-capacity wireless connectivity needs. We can deliver the best in fiber optic cabling design and installation so that you can provide your customers with exceptional service and amenities every time.


Companies today require uninterrupted telecommunications service. We can provide the solid and scalable fiber optic and structured cabling infrastructures your business needs to succeed in the global market. Whether for a new business, remodel, relocation, or upgrade, Trace offers the top-quality network cabling solutions to fit the changing needs of your business. We provide complete turnkey solutions for voice, data, video, and security applications giving businesses, retail stores, industrial companies, and financial corporations the robust network required for today’s advanced business communications.


Every second counts in the healthcare industry. Communication can be a matter of life and death. The communications network of a healthcare facility must provide reliable, fast service so that communication is not interrupted. We can design, engineer, and install the right fiber optic or structured cabling network for your healthcare facility’s particular needs and scalable solutions for the future. We offer the complete end-to-end network cabling for voice, video, data, security, and paging applications ensuring that healthcare facilities can always communicate effectively.


We realize that continual production and service is key in the manufacturing industry. Accurate and fast communication in a production line run can greatly affect a company’s profit margin. That’s why we provide the highest quality fiber optic and structured cabling solutions to help manufacturing companies communicate effectively and continue running at top speeds. Whether for voice, video, data, or security applications, Trace can deliver the scalable and robust network solutions manufacturing companies need.


Whether to enhance the customer’s experience or to provide the telecommunication services transportation companies must have to remain on schedule, we can create and deploy a robust and flexible network cabling infrastructure to fit their needs. Providing turnkey fiber optic cabling design and installation to structured cabling, wireless services, and distributed antenna systems (DAS), Trace offers transportation companies fast, reliable, and scalable network cabling solutions for their video, security, voice, and data applications.


Schools and universities rely on effective telecommunications services for their daily voice, video, and data applications but also now more often for their security needs as well. We deliver high-quality, cost-effective fiber optic cabling and structured cabling solutions for schools and college campuses across the nation. Whether for one building or across a campus, Trace can take care of all your cable network infrastructure and configuration needs.


Trace Technologies provides government agencies and municipalities with robust and cost-effective network cabling solutions. Committed to delivering exceptional customer service, we deliver turnkey, end-to-end fiber optic cabling and structured cabling solutions to government agencies across the United States. We can manage all aspects of an agency’s network infrastructure including designing and implementing a complete fiber optic, copper, or wireless network for all of your video, voice, security, and data communication applications.