Managed Services

Leave all your IT worries with us and focus on taking care of business. With our IT management services, you can have peace of mind while reducing IT infrastructure costs by letting us maintain and support your information network. Our certified IT experts and security specialists can improve operational efficiency, keep your data safe, and free-up your staff, while giving you a scalable IT network.

Network Support

Network downtime can cost your business greatly. Keep your business running smoothly with our complete network support services. We offer 24/7 networking support, and we are dedicated to resolving any issues as quickly as possible. Our highly trained and certified IT experts give you personalized support to ensure you have minimal disruptions and maintain optimal efficiency.

Server Support

Server failure and data loss can severely impact your business. Make sure your business information is safe and secure with our comprehensive server support including design, installation, and management. We proactively monitor and manage your servers ensuring the high performance and backup you need.

Multi-Dwelling Units

High-speed wireless connectivity is now a necessity for homeowners. Thus, we provide the turnkey network cabling solutions residential properties, homeowner’s associations, and multi-dwelling units (MDU) require. Whether for a new construction, remodel, or full upgrade, we deliver the Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) solutions needed for voice, data, video, and security applications.


At Trace, we provide high-quality, reliable network cabling infrastructure solutions for a wide range of companies in the hospitality industry including hotels, resorts, restaurants, and entertainment venues across the nation. The customer demand for constant wireless connectivity continues to increase. This necessitates that hospitality businesses have a strong and scalable fiber optic cabling network infrastructure to meet these high-capacity wireless connectivity needs. We can deliver the best in fiber optic cabling design and installation so that you can provide your customers with exceptional service and amenities every time.


Companies today require uninterrupted telecommunications service. We can provide the solid and scalable fiber optic and structured cabling infrastructures your business needs to succeed in the global market. Whether for a new business, remodel, relocation, or upgrade, Trace offers the top-quality network cabling solutions to fit the changing needs of your business. We provide complete turnkey solutions for voice, data, video, and security applications giving businesses, retail stores, industrial companies, and financial corporations the robust network required for today’s advanced business communications.


Every second counts in the healthcare industry. Communication can be a matter of life and death. The communications network of a healthcare facility must provide reliable, fast service so that communication is not interrupted. We can design, engineer, and install the right fiber optic or structured cabling network for your healthcare facility’s particular needs and scalable solutions for the future. We offer the complete end-to-end network cabling for voice, video, data, security, and paging applications ensuring that healthcare facilities can always communicate effectively.


We realize that continual production and service is key in the manufacturing industry. Accurate and fast communication in a production line run can greatly affect a company’s profit margin. That’s why we provide the highest quality fiber optic and structured cabling solutions to help manufacturing companies communicate effectively and continue running at top speeds. Whether for voice, video, data, or security applications, Trace can deliver the scalable and robust network solutions manufacturing companies need.


Whether to enhance the customer’s experience or to provide the telecommunication services transportation companies must have to remain on schedule, we can create and deploy a robust and flexible network cabling infrastructure to fit their needs. Providing turnkey fiber optic cabling design and installation to structured cabling, wireless services, and distributed antenna systems (DAS), Trace offers transportation companies fast, reliable, and scalable network cabling solutions for their video, security, voice, and data applications.


Schools and universities rely on effective telecommunications services for their daily voice, video, and data applications but also now more often for their security needs as well. We deliver high-quality, cost-effective fiber optic cabling and structured cabling solutions for schools and college campuses across the nation. Whether for one building or across a campus, Trace can take care of all your cable network infrastructure and configuration needs.


Trace Technologies provides government agencies and municipalities with robust and cost-effective network cabling solutions. Committed to delivering exceptional customer service, we deliver turnkey, end-to-end fiber optic cabling and structured cabling solutions to government agencies across the United States. We can manage all aspects of an agency’s network infrastructure including designing and implementing a complete fiber optic, copper, or wireless network for all of your video, voice, security, and data communication applications.

Professional Services From Small Scale to Enterprise Level

At Trace, we offer much more than just fiber optic cable installation. With our extensive knowledge of the complexities of fiber optic networks, we can provide a wide range of business communications and project management services.

Whether you need fiber optic consulting services including full site surveys and wireless GPS mapping, custom network design, or certified fiber testing, we can handle all of your fiber optic cabling needs. Our highly-skilled technicians can design and engineer the entire fiber optic infrastructure including design of cable pathways, installation, and commissioning of the network. 


We offer certified (CPCT) fiber optic testing and documentation services, fiber optic connector termination, and fiber fusion splicing for new construction projects, expansions, remodels, and network upgrades.

Both on a small scale and on an enterprise level, we can provide businesses with the top-quality, cost-effective fiber optic cabling solutions required to compete in today’s global market.


Our Professional Fiber Optic Services include:

·       Fiber Optic Consulting

·       Site Survey and Assessment

·       Complete Network Design & Engineering

·       Fiber Optic Testing and Certification

·       Fiber Optic Termination

·       Fiber Fusion Splicing

·       Troubleshooting and Repair

Scalable, All-Inclusive Fiber Optic Solutions

At Trace Technologies, we deliver the comprehensive, end-to-end fiber optic cable solutions businesses need in order to thrive in the ever-changing global market.

Communication is at the heart of every business, large or small. Today, businesses must have the reliable network infrastructure needed to communicate fast and effectively. Thus, we specialize in providing turnkey fiber optic cabling to large and small businesses, organizations, and universities across the country – whether in one building or spread out over a large campus. 


Delivering all-inclusive fiber optic solutions, we can provide the entire outside plant (OSP) construction – both underground and aerial fiber networks – along with the complete infrastructure construction, installation, and connectivity of the fiber optic network. With our complete OSP construction services, we can design, build, and manage the entire fiber optic network including directional boring and trenching, conduit proofing, manhole/handhole placements, and any related hardware or electronics. Our fiber optic specialists are adept at using outside plant construction so as to protect the optical fiber, high voltage cables, gas lines, and the environment. All of our OSP construction is handled by highly-trained technicians that install the fiber optic network with the utmost care.

Our fiber optic cabling solutions include fiber optic testing, fusion splicing, and fiber termination by certified premises cabling technicians (CPCT). We also offer the latest air blown fiber technology, which allows businesses the flexibility to quickly and easily upgrade their network in a cost-effective way.

At Trace, we’re focused on delivering the highest level of customer service. To us, that means giving our customers the dependable, long-lasting, and scalable fiber optic solutions they’ll need to meet even future telecommunication requirements. 


Our Nationwide Fiber Optic Cabling Services include:

·       Network Assessment & Consulting

·       Network Design & Engineering

·       OSP Construction – Aerial and Underground

·       Trenching & Boring

·       Splicing, Termination, & Testing

·       Air Blown Fiber

High-Performance Cabling Infrastructures

We understand how much businesses depend on the strength and speed of their data, voice, and video systems. These telecommunications networks must be reliable and scalable for a company to thrive in their industry. To accomplish this, the structured cabling of these networks must be carefully planned, designed, and installed, not just to meet today’s technology needs, but to be ready for tomorrow’s changes as well.


Whether in one office building or across multiple locations nationwide, Trace can provide the entire network infrastructure design, installation, and connectivity for your business. We provide complete structured cabling services for all infrastructure types, whether for new construction, relocation, or upgrades. From initial assessment and consultation to engineering, drop cable installation, and finishing hardware, Trace can create durable, end-to-end structured cabling solutions for your organization.

We deliver high-quality turnkey structured cabling for data centers and offices in a wide variety of markets and applications from small business to enterprise levels. Whether for voice, data, video, or security, we can handle all of your structured cabling needs, creating a robust and flexible network infrastructure so you can easily integrate the latest technology into your business.


Our Nationwide Structured Cabling Solutions include:

·       Network Consulting and Assessment

·       Network Design and Engineering

·       Cat 5e, Cat 6e, CA T6, CAT 7

·       Coax Cabling

·       Horizontal and Backbone Cabling Pathways

·       Single Mode and Multimode Fiber Optic Cabling Systems

·       Equipment and Hardware

·       Testing and Certification